About US

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Dear friend, hello! As you’ve found this useless section of the website, reserved for reviews on teams of young ambitious super-professionals , missions of epic proportions and various other dull things, I might as well tell you about us.


the project with a big heart, a culmination of ambitions, ideas, years of experience and hard work. Our mission is great and bright in every sense of the word. Our goal is to give and take: Giving our all to meet your requirements, from service to satisfaction and enjoyment when using our products. We want to come away with your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

What can I offer?

We specialise in the production of LED lighting for residential, office and commercial property; we also provide related services such as lighting design using special applications such as 3ds MAX, and DIALux, as well as installation of lighting on site. We offer both standard and customised solutions which can be adapted to your every wish and requirement: we are limited only by the laws of physics. What about our product components? We should mention that we monitor trends in lighting technology and associated equipment on an on-going basis, and optimise our designs as appropriate . We only work with key global component providers such as: KGP (China), CREE (USA), SAMSUNG (Korea), MEAN WELL (Korea) and a few others.

That should actually be enough blurb for you to understand our general area of activity. You’ll find out more once you get in touch! Good luck!